Get Car Insurance and Drive Tension-Free

The market share of Skoda along with its car sales has increased considerably all around the world from 2010 to 2015 with the introduction of new models and renewal of previous car technologies. Skoda Octavia has broken all records of sales in 2014 and 2015 due to the introduction of new showrooms all across the world from the second half of 2013. And in 2015, 612.579 million units of Skoda cars were sold constituting a market share of 4.34%. People who are buying new cars every year or wish to own one in the recent future must keep in mind the importance of securing and insuring their car. Although you understand the importance of getting the right kind of car insurance for your new Skoda car, but there may be some confusion while choosing the best one. Read on and you will get some idea whether you should buy a new Skoda Fabia or any other model.

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Types of vehicle insurance

While choosing the car insurance for Skoda Yeti or any other car, first you need to understand the type of insurance plans available. They are mainly of two categories.

·         Third party liability insurance that covers damage to the property and accidental injury or death to third party.

·         In a comprehensive plan, you will get preferred option for getting insurance for both third party and own damage. It will also cover any damage from cyclones, fire explosions, and earthquake and if your car is stolen.

Factors affecting the premium of car insurance

While getting car insurance for your new Skoda, the premium that you have to bear is important and for that you need to consider the following

Vehicle related risks

While deciding the premium of car insurance for your Skoda or any other car make, fuel type and the cubic capacity will be important for deciding the premium. Depending upon those factors the risk related to the vehicle will depend. Thus, these are necessary while you discuss about the premium of the insurance.

While renewing the insurance you have to consider the age of the vehicle and the depreciation of the vehicle. Based on the age of the car, the depreciable amount can be decided. However, if the car is new, the question of depreciation does not arise.

Location related risks

The place where the car is registered and where it runs will also help in deciding the premium of the car. In urban areas and hilly areas, the premium will be higher than that in rural areas. If the rate of crime in the area where the car is registered is more, then also you have to bear more premium.

Claims related history

When you are getting insurance for your new Skoda, this will not be the consideration, but while renewing your insurance, the claim history will be important. If there is any claim last year, then the premium may go up. Check out Brisbane City Skoda

Tips to reduce the cost of car insurance

There are certain ways through which you can get some deduction in the car insurance.

·         If you can pay for petty claims yourself other than asking for an insurance claim, then you can get some reduction in car insurance. These voluntary deductibles are those amounts that are paid by the insured over the amount paid by the insurance provider.

·         Another great way to reduce the insurance claim is by not claiming insurance. This is known as no claim bonus and when you do not claim any insurance, you may even get the premium reduced by fifty percent!

Thus, before you start enjoying a long drive in your Skoda Fabia, or any other car, it is necessary that you get the car insurance for your safety.