Filing disputes to correct mistakes on credit reports

There are many reasons a person may end up having bad credit. It could be due to forgotten unpaid collections in their file, bankruptcy or constant late payments. Sometimes it’s a combination of all these things and other times consumers just get bad credit because of a fault that is not theirs as data from the FederalTradeCommission indicates that at least 5% of people face mistakes in credit reporting and these impact their credit scores. These include stuff like balance information that is incorrect, outdated information on their report and other errors such as mistaken identities where one person’s credit file is mixed up with another person who has a similar name. Whichever the case, you will need to clear credit history.

clear credit history

Filing for disputes

The best way to clear credit history due to mistakes is by following online dispute processes as you view your report. Another option is to do it by mail. However, ensure that for every dispute you file to the credit bureaus, you retain a similar copy with you. If you think that the creditor is not in possession of accurate information such as improper information on unsecured debt collection, report this to the bureau, send them a copy of the right documentation, so they can investigate the dispute for they are obliged to by the law.

To dispute judgments on your credit report

Just as bankruptcies and loan defaults leave people with the worry of how to clear credit history as they know their effects on their credit reports, judgments are equally as bad. This is because once you get sued and are taken to court, a judge passes an order against you to pay a debt, and that decision is legally binding on your part. All this will be included in your report, which will have a negative effect on your credit score and could stay up to 10 years in your report. Even worse is the fact that judgments can be renewed, which is bad for a consumer looking forward to getting rid of the effect of a judgment on their credit. However, you can rectify this by disputing a judgment on your credit report. This can be done by filing for a motion in court dismissing the order with help from an attorney. Where the judgment is there in your file by mistake, you can challenge it with the credit bureaus. However, ensure you include all the necessary details.

You can easily clear credit history on your own without necessarily seeking help from anyone. This is because it includes simple routines such as making timely payments on bills, ensuring your balances are low as well as making sure that you dispute any errors on your credit report. However, when the whole process overwhelms you, or confuses you in any way, then still you can clear bad credit history with debt mediators helping you as they are professionals and will walk you through the entire process as well as advise you on the best ways to maintain your credit on your own. For more details, just visit